Cross that bridge....

Cross that bridge....

Date: 7th March 2022
Posted by: Anne Ashe

It's been a very exciting week at Fernwood with the launch of our fantastic new rope bridge.

This has been a long time dream of Simon's and a fantastic new addition to the Fernwood grounds.  It will give our guests access to the other side of the river and our completely untouched native woodland.

It was a real labour of love, sweat and tears to pull this off!!  The most challenging part was installing the foundations and the steel.  However, in the trusty hands of Stephen Joyce, our full time groundsman, we knew it would be a job well done.  Our own Rory (aged 10!) even operated the mini digger for one full day assisting Stephen to dig out the holes for the foundations.  He also manned the Quad and trailer to carry the cement in to the holes, this was a job that had to be executed efficiently and they did a sterling job.  Once all this ground work had been done it was then down to organising the logistics of having the bridge delivered from the UK.  Bertie and Archie of Carey Construction drove it over and spent 3 days working to install it...  To say we are pleased with the end result is an understatement.

Our whole vision at Fernwood is to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience, to give people time in nature...  The kind of destination where you don't feel the need to 'leave', you have everything you need to simply be.  We see the rope bridge not just providing access to our stunning woodland but as a little experience in itself.  Suspended above the river that bi-sects our land you will have a birds eye view of the constant flow and movement of this beautiful body of water.  Sometimes full, fast and furious, sometimes slow and meandering, but always mesmerizing.


We grow stronger with every bridge we cross.

Bert McCoy