A little introduction....

A little introduction....

Date: 23rd April 2021
Posted by: Anne Ashe

How Fernwood came to be

Our first home together was the Quay House in Roundstone where we spent many happy years by the sea.  However when our family started to grow, we knew we needed a little more outdoor space to let the kids roam safely and to pursue our interest in growing veg.  We searched tirelessly for our forever home in the surrounding area of Clifden.  It was with the wink and nod from a now neighbour that led us to Fernwood.  From the moment we drove up the narrow country driveway we knew it was meant to be.  The stars aligned and the deal was sealed, within two weeks we had the keys!   Work started with the renovation of our own home on the farm and has led to the development of The Studio and the vision of offering beautiful surroundings to cherished guests.  Our aim is to eventually have 5 beautifully designed & crafted couple’s hideaways on the farm and we are very close to completion on our forest treehouse dome.  It’s all happening!

The farm itself is a true labour of love.  It all began when Rory, at the tender age of 3, insisted we get our own hens (his obsession with eggs was real and he was cooking omelettes at the age of 18 months!!).   Then came the donkeys, all the way from the wonderful Donkey Sanctuary Ireland.  Their purpose was a dual one; to become our friends but also to help us keep control of the paddocks surrounding the house by keeping them well grazed.  Our beloved Irish Setter, Dotty, joined the team in May 2020, she does a wonderful job of keeping the Snipe on the bog in check!!  

Some of our Dexter heifers, ready to calf this spring

When the land surrounding the house, all 140 acres of it, came up for sale in 2019 we knew we had to make it happen, Fernwood Farm was coming together.  Now was the opportunity to increase our flock, to look at a way to become truly self-sufficient.  In the first Covid lockdown we created our own kitchen garden, a lot of work and dedication has meant that we have an abundance of fresh veg, herbs, flowers etc. all year round.  Next up, the beginning of our suckler herd; pedigree, native breed Dexter cows.  We are excited about the arrival of our first calves this spring and who knows, we may even begin milking!  Our own milk, cream, cheese, beef....the possibilities are endless and beyond exciting.  We are currently working towards gaining our Organic accreditation.

We have many long-term projects and goals for the farm and for our future and we will keep you posted about these along they way.......the good, the bad and the ugly!

Bowie out for a walk

This project is for our lifetime and we hope to welcome you, to share it in part, along the way.