Salt Lake Swimming

Salt Lake Swimming

We are located on the shores of a unique Salt Lake.

Fernwood has over 1km of lakeshore along the ecologically renowned tidal lagoon of the Salt Lake; and we love to swim in it!  With a combination of salt and fresh water it offers a sublime swimming experience.

If you are one of the hordes of people who have taken to wild swimming in the past year this will be right up your street.  If not just simply sit and observe the abundance of wildlife.

We have a resident seal who often plays close to the shore and a mute swan couple, who we have watched raise several ‘herds of cygnets’ over the years. Duck, pigeons, otters and within the depths of the lake; lobsters, starfish and mullet that make beautiful patterns in the water.  Salmon and sea trout run our little river every year on their epic journey back to their spawning grounds.  

Natural water has always held the magical power to cure.

Roger Deakin