Our Renewable Future at Fernwood

Our solar PV installation project is directly aligned with the objective of promoting sustainable solutions within the blue economy. By integrating solar PV panels into our business, we are taking proactive steps to empower and enable the development and delivery of activities and services that improve sustainability and adapt to climate change in a marine and coastal context.

By harnessing the solar energy available in the coastal region, we are reducing our reliance on conventional fossil fuel-based energy sources. The solar PV installation empowers us to generate clean and renewable energy on-site, contributing to a more sustainable and climate-friendly operation. This aligns perfectly with the blue economy's goal of fostering sustainable energy practices in coastal areas.

Coastal areas, especially along the west coast are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and changing ecosystems. By investing in solar PV panels, we are building climate resilience by reducing our carbon emissions and mitigating our environmental impact. This not only helps us adapt to climate change but also sets an example for other businesses in the blue economy to follow suit.

As a glamping enterprise situated in a coastal environment, we recognize our responsibility to be custodians of the marine ecosystem. The solar PV installation project reflects our commitment to sustainable practices, demonstrating that we are actively taking steps to minimize our ecological footprint and protect the delicate coastal environment we operate in.

Our proposed project not only benefits our business but also has positive implications for the local community within the blue economy. By utilizing renewable energy, we reduce the demand for energy from traditional, carbon-intensive sources, thereby contributing to cleaner air and improved overall environmental health for the community.

The total cost of our installation was €21,265 and we have been successful in achieving 50% grant aided support for same from the Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Development Scheme administered by BIM